Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fashion Design Class at Allyse's Bridal

Today I taught a fashion design class at Allyse's Bridal and it was a blast! There were about 16 high school girls in the class. I taught them how to draw a basic croquis and then a couple of different techniques on how to draw clothing so it looks more realistic. I taught them using a 9 head croquis. I love this method because I believe that anybody can draw with it. As I expected, when we began, there were a couple of girls that were laughing at themselves or saying that they weren't very good at this under their breath. However, at the end, everyone had successfully draw a fashion croquis and even used it to design a dress.

I loved teaching the class. I would love to create a fashion design studio and teach people how to draw and design full time. That fits into my dream to create a fashion academy. I want to create a fashion academy where people can learn how to do every skill used in the fashion industry. There would be classes in fashion design, sewing, photography, modeling, fabrics, merchandising, etc. It would be for the community, so that high schoolers could use it as a kind of prep school to go to before applying to FIDM or FIT or Parson's.