Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cutting Fashion Show at BYU

Well the fashion show happened!!! It's over! In, short, it was a smashing success! We had two shows, and over 1000 people came! It was the most magical experience in my life thus far.

The day began with a dress rehearsal at 12:00 PM. Well, it was supposed to begin then. Some of my designers were running late and so we didn't really begin until 12:30. That was stressful. However, I got to use a headset, and a microphone so I didn't have to yell. In the dress rehearsal we had two main goals: practice walking down the runway, and spot where everyone would stand for the finale. It was a success.

Then we had time to set up our meet and greet booth, get our models to hair and makeup and then back down to the dressing room, and sort out any problems if any. THANK GOODNESS for the extra time! It seems like we ran into all the problems you could have the day of. The tech guys couldn't get the introduction movies to play, some of the movies didn't arrive until 30 minutes before the show, and one of the designer's music track had a bad word in it and so we needed to get it bleeped out. I also forgot to  come up with an "opening speech" so I wrote that while I was getting my hair done an hour before the show.

So, yes, there were a lot of problems, but it all worked out in the nick of time. Literally. I put my heels on at 3:59 PM and got ready for the dream I had envisioned to become a reality. I stood behind the curtain and peeked out at the audience. I could see Sam and Ian and I realized that it was happening. This show was real and my friends and family were out there to support me. It was HAPPENING.

I stepped on to the stage and the music stopped and lights brightened on me. My whole insides filled with a mixture of so many feelings: exuberance, anxiety, happiness, accomplishment, overwhelmed-ness. I welcomed everyone, gave my speech, and exited as they clapped for me. The show had begun.

I sat backstage for a bit, but then decided to go out and "watch" the show through the curtain. Because the lights were so bright we could see a fuzzy version of the runway through the painter's-tape-blue curtain. Believe it or not, this was my favorite part of the show. I even teared up a little. I was so proud of my designers, I was so happy that I could create this opportunity for them, and that now everyone would see all their hard work come to life on a real runway. It was a feeling that I will remember forever.

As I waited with my girls (for my collection) I was filled with excitement. Although I had already acknowledged in my mind that I had put a fashion show together and that it was happening, I know realized that my work, my fashion design, was about to be shown to the world on a real runway in a real show. I jumped up and down and giggled with my models as we waited our turn. Mostly, we laughed at Heidi, the one who wore the rain caplet, who walked funny and made ridiculous model faces and poses to entertain us.

Then it was time. I stood behind the curtain as one by one, my looks walked the runway. I was struck by how beautiful it was to see the dresses that were once sketches being lit by the stage lights. After they had all walked, I came out for my bow and thanked the crowd. It was wonderful.

The most impressive part of the show was probably the finale, where all the designers stood on stage and then the 80 models that participated lined the runway. It was an impressive sight, and the crowd just kept on clapping. It was wonderful.

 After the show, we had our meet and greet where we were able to talk to friends and family and audience members who came to the show. This is a picture of my collected from the show:

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