Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Yes, you read that correctly. 

I convinced BYU/SA to give me money to put on a fashion show at BYU. How awesome is that? VERY. Yes. 

So originally they were going to have it be a part of a bigger event, but by the end I had convinced them that it was going to be so incredibly amazing that it needed to stand on its own.

MUCH has happened since the original proposal so let's get started!

Setting up a plan
    BYU/SA has a certain protocol that must be followed and so I had to present my action plan to a committee that included deadlines, event dates, and the budgeting plan. Because they do their budget by semester, my action plan only included things that related to modeling auditions. Guess what? I got approved! Yippee! Off we go!

Kate Ashcroft, Assistant Director
    Kate Ashcroft is a wonderful human being who wanted to know what she could do to be a part of this amazing opportunity. I talked with her and was very impressed by her willingness to take action and do so many things for the fashion show. So! Meet Kate Ashcroft- Assistant Director of the BYU Cutting Fashion Show! She is a wonderful blessing to me, and takes care of so many things including reminding people of deadlines, sending out emails with important information, and handling all of the photographers. She will also be one of the designers in the show.

Fashion Designer Interviews
    This was one of the best parts of being the director of the show. I got to meet with all the different designers interested in participating in the show. In order to be considered, they needed to complete an application as well as design a mini collection with three cohesive looks. At first, I was worried that we wouldn't have enough designers. After all, I was the only person I knew that sewed at BYU before I worked in the costume shop. HOWEVER! These people came out of the woodworks! It is a wonderful experience to be able to meet with a fashion designer and get an inside look on their creativity and their passion. In the Cutting Fashion Show, we will have 12 designers.

    One of the great parts of working with BYU/SA is the Student Life Design team. I worked with a girl on the team named Alex. She was great to work with and had fantastic ideas for our collateral. I needed her to create signs and handouts to advertise the auditions and interviews for the show. We had a little trouble getting it out on time, but that wasn't Alex's fault. Overall, I was very happy with the signage that we produced.

Modeling Auditions
   Auditions! I think on the day we had auditions it hit me that this show was actually going to happen. It's real! We had models coming in the required white v-neck, jeans, and heels outfit, and the designers were there ready to choose their models. I also had two of our photographers come and take pictures and video of the models to help identify them later. It went really smoothly. Angela and Monika, two of my designers, served as modeling coaches and taught the models a basic runway walk and had them practice a couple of times.

BYU TV also came to the auditions and filmed it! You can see the segment at 10:32.

BYU Weekly- Cutting Fashion Auditions

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